A number of resources provide information about the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program's legislative framework, activities and plans. We are pleased to share these resources to improve understanding of the Program and to facilitate working with stakeholders to promote the appropriate use, and reduce the abuse and misuse, of monitored drugs in Nova Scotia.

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Additional Resources

Drugs Requiring the Use of a Duplicate Prescription

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The Program monitors any drug that is a controlled drug under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada) and is listed in the Schedules of that Act except testosterone when compounded for topical application for local effect to the vaginal area and benzodiazepines. *Please note that the Drugs Requiring the Use of a Duplicate Prescription list may not be all inclusive. Some drug names may not be listed if there are no currently marketed products available or if the product is new to the market.

eAccess User Guide

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Effective April 1, 2012, the Prescription Monitoring Program introduced eAccess, a new secure web application that allows prescribers and pharmacists to access patient profiles regardless of time of day. Helpful information pertaining to the eAccess web application can be found in the eAccess User Guide.

Notification of Charges or Suspicious Behaviour Related to Monitored Drugs Form

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This form has been created for use by law enforcement personnel so that they may inform the NSPMP of individuals who have been charged or are suspected of suspicious behaviour related to monitored drugs. Please note that at this time the NSPMP does not monitor benzodiazepines.

The Working with Law Enforcement Policy & Guidelines is available for download at

Request for Monitored Prescription History Form

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The Request for Monitored Prescription History Form has been created for use by law enforcement personnel. The NSPMP is authorized to release patient profile information to law enforcement upon written request as long as the release of such information is in keeping with the NSPMP mandate.

A copy of the Working with Law Enforcement Policy & Guidelines is available for download at

Sample Opioid Treatment Agreement

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Patient/Prescriber agreements that are registered with NSPMP can effectively support the ongoing monitoring of your patients, but more importantly can serve as a guide to having an open and thorough discussion with your patient about why monitored drugs are different from other medicines. 

Drug Information System (DIS) - Prescription Monitoring Program Fact Sheet

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The Prescription Monitoring Program Fact Sheet has been developed for use by pharmacies how have transitioned to the provincial Drug Information System (DIS). The fact sheet outlines process changes resulting from being connected to the Drug Information System. Further information about the provinicial Drug Information System can be found on the Department of Health and Wellness website at

Medical Consultant: Dr. Peter MacDougall

The NSPMP’s Medical Consultant, Dr. Peter MacDougall, is available as a resource to healthcare professionals, the Program, and the Program’s committees.