About Us

What you need to know about the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program

In June 2005 the Prescription Monitoring Act and Regulations established a prescription monitoring program to promote the appropriate use of monitored drugs in Nova Scotia and to reduce the abuse or misuse of monitored drugs in the province.  The legislation also established a Prescription Monitoring Board to develop and operate the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program.
This website is intended to provide information about:
•    The background and history of the Program;
•    The legislative framework for the Program;
•    The key stewardship responsibilities of the Prescription Monitoring Board;
•    Program activities;
•    How to register and participate in the Program; and
•    How to contact the Program.

The raison d’être of the Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program is rooted in its legislated mandate which is to promote:

  •  the appropriate use of monitored drugs; and
  •  the reduction of the abuse or misuse of monitored drugs

In addition to its monitoring activities, the Board interprets this to include:

  • guiding and supporting prescribers, dispensers and the general public on the appropriate use of monitored  drugs;
  •  collaborating and developing working partnerships with other key organizations in order to achieve the Program's mandate; and
  • sharing information in a timely and responsive manner to support the role of others inpromoting, educating, and enforcing the appropriate use of monitored drugs and the reduction of the abuse or misuse of monitored drugs.

In carrying out our Mission, we:

  • Act to protect public safety and support best practice in patient care, while maintaining the confidentiality of personal information;

  • Respect and support healthcare and law enforcement professionals in their work;

  • Serve as a resource for our stakeholders;

  • Strive for innovation in our work based on industry best practice methods and processes.

What Services Can We Provide?

The Prescription Monitoring Act & Regulations provides the legislative framework to support the operations of the NSPMP. Some of the services we provide include the following:

  • Patient Profiles - Prescribers, pharmacists and law enforcement can access detailed information regarding a patient's use of monitored drugs. 
  • Methadone Program Monitoring - The Program can assist Methadone clinics in monitoring patients to ensure no other monitored drugs are being obtained during their treatment. 
  •  Patient/Prescriber Agreement Monitoring - In situations where a prescriber deems a patient agreement to be appropriate, the NSPMP will monitor a patient's profile to ensure adherence to the patient agreement.
  • Prescriber Peer Comparison Reports - This report is available to prescribers upon request. It provides a graphical representation of their individual prescribing pattern in relation to their peers in their District Health Authority as well as on a provincial basis.
  • Data Sharing for Research - The Program acts as a resource to researchers by providing statistical information and aggregate data on monitored drug use.
  •  eAccess – This is a service which allows prescribers and pharmacists the ability to log on to a secure website and obtain patient profile information either during or outside of the NSPMP’s business hours. This will provide prescribers and pharmacists with access to information they need, when they need it, to determine the best treatment for their patient while promoting the appropriate use and the reduction of abuse or misuse of monitored drugs.
  •  Medical Consultant – Our consultant is an independent physician with expertise in prescribing opioids. Dr. Peter MacDougall, an anesthetist and a pain management specialist, is available as a resource to health care professionals, the Program and the Program's committees.