NSPMP Announcement: Benzodiazepine Integration



As part of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, the NSPMP will begin to integrate benzodiazepine data as part of our monitoring activities on Saturday, October 20th (12:01am).


Important information for prescribers and pharmacies:


·        Benzodiazepine prescribers who are not currently registered with NSPMP will need to complete a registration form to obtain an NSPMP ID by October 20th to avoid having their prescriptions held at the pharmacy.


·        Benzodiazepines prescriptions will continue to be written on regular prescription pads (duplicate pads are not required)


·        Benzodiazepine prescribing histories will be available via NSPMP’s e-Access portal on October 20th


For more information, please review our October 4th 2018 Media Release and the benzodiazepine information outlined in our Frequently Asked Questions document. 



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Prescribers who are currently registered with the NSPMP can now re-order duplicate pads via email (PMP@medavie.bluecross.ca) or fax: 902-481-3157. Once received, your order will be delivered via courier within three business days.

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